We have several CNC lathe options to meet our customers’ demands.  Several of our CNC lathes are equipped with a bar feeder, allowing for continuous operation.  Several part holding options are available, including collet and chuck options. Our Swiss machining center has multiple live tooling options to produce complex parts in one operation.

Our Equipment

Cubic PolyGim Diamond

  • Swiss machining center with automatic bar feeder for sizes up to 1.5” diameter, up to 8 controlled axis, max. length 9.5” per chucking, cross, front, and full B axis live tooling operation

Amera-Seiki TC-2

  • 20 HP, up to 2” bar capacity, equipped with single bar feeder, 8” chuck or collet system, lengths up to 12” with live center, 13” max. turning diameter

Tormach 15L Slant Pro

  • 3hp with 6” chuck or 5C collet options, 1.5” spindle bore, 6” max. turning diameter, 10” max. length, conversational programming