Our Mission

K & S Machining, LLC strives to provide high quality machined products that exceed customer expectations.

Our History

K & S Machining, LLC was founded by its owners Cole Kregel and Sam Schmitt in January of 2018.  We started by purchasing 2 CNC machines, one lathe and one mill, and installing them in our garages.  By the middle of 2019 we acquired more manual machines and sawing equipment. In April of 2020, K & S Machining, started renting at the current location just west of Monona, IA and acquired 2 additional CNC machines, a bar feed lathe, and much larger vertical mill.

We continued working part time for another year as the pandemic put a slow down on business. In April of 2021 we both took the ultimate risk and jumped into the business full time, working hard to source work and keep growing our customer base. 2021 was a great year of growth that included another lathe purchase, as well as other equipment additions and upgrades. We are grateful for our customers and everyone that supports our business as we continue to grow.

Cole Kregel

photo of Cole Kregel

Sam Schmitt

photo of Sam Schmitt